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  • We are a partner working
    in communication from a
    360° perspective, tailoring
    PR strategies to the context.
    We focus on digital, by
    optimizing the different
    platforms and developing
    earned communication.

    About us

    We seek to accompany our clients based on their needs, thereby creating a true bond with their respective audiences while executing an innovative, results-based action plan to optimize investments.


    Our differentiating values

    • The way we work

      We are our client’s extended team. It’s in our DNA.

    • Digital Earned Media

      We specialize in long-term strategy development, by connecting with key audiences.

    • Results-oriented

      Each action plan is designed in response to the proposed KPIs and with clear metrics to reach the goals.


    • Brand PR

      Relevant content that generates engagement with the audience.

    • Social Commerce

      We work on different actions with key players with a clear conversion objective.

    • Corporate Communication

      We build our reputation based on credibility and trust. We forge bonds with key contacts.

    • Speaking Opportunities

      We look for the right spaces to give visibility to the right topics.

    • Press

      We identify opportunities to intervene in reality.

    • Stakeholders

      We secure long-term bonds and relationships.

    • Events & Experiences

      We produce innovative experiences.

    • Co-Brandings

      We build relationships that enhance the brand attributes.

    • Sustainability

      We support the construction of sustainable programs, by providing advisory services and identifying the right partners while giving visibility to the initiatives.

    • Influencers

      We design strategies according to each audience, assessing the values, impact and relevance of influencers in the different platforms.

    • Unboxing Kits

      We develop high-impact kits that convey our key messages.


    Guadalupe Fuertes

    Ines Melendez

    Julieta Aguirre

    Melisa Magnani

    Rocio Regueiro

    Rocio Riestra